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Plastic drainage board performance

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  Plastic drainage plate is made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene (HDPE) plastic floor after punching into cone by units or stiffening rib protruding point (or hollow cylindrical porous) of geosynthetic materials, plastic drainage plate of choose and buy, please look for the HDPE drainage board manufacturer, we specialize in providing wide reach 3 m plastic drainage plate.
  Plastic drainage plate performance including the water drainage, waterproof, protection, sound insulation, breathable, moisture, etc., detailed as follows:
Drain water drainage function: plastic drainage plate on the tablet of layout of the frustum of a cone is hollow, drainage space spread geonet, geotextile interlining, rain water entering interlining drainage from geotextile rapid discharge space, greatly eliminate the hydrostatic water surface of the waterproof layer, through the automatic drainage to reach the waterproof effect.
  Drain waterproof function: HDPE is commonly used materials, plastic drainage plate HDPE itself is an excellent waterproof material, after a strong welding or bonding method, make the drainage and waterproof board into an excellent for waterproof material.
  Drain protection function: HDPE drainage plate material has the very high patience and tensile strength, corrosion resistance, effectively maintain buildings and waterproof layer, against all kinds of acid and alkali in soil and plant thorn, in the basement exterior wall backfill soil, the maintenance of buildings and the waterproof layer from damage.
  Drain sound insulation and ventilation moistureproof function: the function of HDPE drainage plate is breathable insulation, deal with the problems of the garage roof and roof cultivation lack to enrage, partition wall, every layer has a significant decline in the function of the noise, on the ground, metope, can also have very good ventilation, underground ventilation moistureproof function.


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