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The application of plastic drainage plate theory

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  Plastic drainage plate with plate inserted into the soft soil foundation, under the upper preloading load, void water in soft soil foundation by plastic drainage plate into the upper ground layer of sand or horizontal plastic drain, by other local discharge, accelerate the consolidation of soft ground. In the soft soil foundation treatment, the effect of plastic drainage plate design, construction equipment basic same as bag of sand drain.
The advantages of plastic drainage plate reinforcement of soft soil foundation:
  1. Good water filtration, drainage, drainage effect is guaranteed.
  2. The material has good strength and ductility, can fit the foundation deformation without affecting the drainage performance.
  3. Drain section size is small, so in the process of the drainage plate on foundation disturbance is small.
  4. Available in super board construction on soft ground.
  5. Quick construction, short time limit, a day for each driving machine board above 5000 m, the cost is lower than bags of sand drain.
  For the deep soft soil foundation using drainage consolidation method for reinforcement, from technical and economic considerations, use drainage board is almost the only economic, effective and feasible method.


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